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Innovative digital products their users love in the world

Designing digital products

Creating impact on business and engagement on people

We are Hackity. We are a design studio that does digital products and services better focused on people.

We work with companies, startups, and organizations with an innovative, collaborative approach. We use Design Sprint to create an impact on business and engagement with users.

We are Google Certified Design Sprint Master.

Let´s hack!

Designing digital products with value taking into account its lifecycle

Turn your ideas into a successful product
Create, improve and fix your business
Do a competitive business planning
Discover your valuable target to connect with
Identify your amazing value proposition
Develop a profitable plan with resources you need
Design, build, test and refine your improved product
Launching your product to make it growth
Measure your real impact and maximizing your knowledge

Make your product successful

  • Improving your valuable startup and business. We detect easily and fix fast with the design.

  • Growing your business with quality. Create a new strategy to be profitable and discover opportunities.

  • Maximizing your wanted knowledge. Best training and practical workshops for your team.

  • Starting a professional business. We help you create your digital product or service.

Innovative Design Sprint for your business

Lean and fast way to solve real challenge problems

Design Sprint is a Google methodology tested to build and improve products with design.

It focuses on business problems and helps to validate ideas from months to hours. This minimizes inversion risk. With Design makes the investments more valuable.

IDEO, Slack and Uber use Design Sprint to improve and build their products. Speed up startups and business introducing our Design Sprint improved in your team.

Design Sprint
María Butera

Working with Hackity means work as a single team, to define and design the product in a collaborative way. Maximizing the knowledge and experience that both parts contribute”

María Butera
Head of Digital of Save the Children

Maria José Tassani

What I value most collaboration with Hackity is their open and critical mind, the quality of the research and the material they gave us”

Maria José Tassani
Communication of IKEA

Karel Escobar CEO of Tetuan Valley

Hackity are very professionals in their work and are very closer to our team to help us”

Karel Escobar
CEO of Tetuan Valley

Comprea Design Sprint Hackity

Whether you are a CEO, designer or programmer you must know the methodology to iterate your product without losing sight of your users/customers. That´s Design Sprint”

Ismael González Nicolás y Canal
Comprea Co-founder

Design Sprint is investing time to save money and then run more”

Guillermo Valderrábano

CEO of By the rent

Pedro Henrique Gomes CEO of Urban Roosters

Thanks to Hackity we take a methodology that we are going to apply in the company. Design Sprint has helped us to put the whole team in the same focus and to improve communication, to be more integrated”

Pedro Henrique Gomes

CEO of Urban Roosters

Last projects

Design Sprint School

Design Sprint School

Solving with Design Sprint the business problems of startups

Marketing startups Hackity

Google and Beta-i

Improving international startups of the Portuguese ecosystem with marketing

Equality rebooted European Social Innovation Competition

European Union

Making an equality society with technology into a reality


We close the keys of UX to the startups to improve their digital products

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