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Eusebio Reyero

Eusebio Reyero

Co-founder&CEO. UX researcher. Digital product and UX designer and researcher. He worked for big corporations and startups designing digital products for the last 10 years. He´s UX Google Developers Expert and Google Certified Design Sprint Master. Also, is a mentor for Google Developers Launchpad, startups and UE.


Manuel Rodriguez

Manu Rodríguez

Co-founder&scientist data expert. He studied sociology and works in data analysis and technology. He analyzed and measured data for big companies for more than 12 years. Also, he´s professor at McKinsey Social Initiative and ISDI.


María Isla

María Isla

Co-founder&CMO. Content&communication expert. She is in charge of marketing, communication&PR. She worked for projects, marketing, communication&PR for big companies, startups of Wayra and technology and business entrepreneurs for the last 6 years. Also, she has more of 11 years media experience and is mentor for Google, BBVA and social innovation and startups programs for UE.


Collaboration network

Collaborations network

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